Usually they are in late 50s and older. They want peace of mind and to enjoy their free time for travel, sports and other activities.
They do not want to be concerned about money issues. They do not want to run out of money while they are alive.

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We help retirees:

  1. Confirm their income and assist in maximising it according to the level of risk they are comfortable with. Most retirees want their income certain and safe.
  2. Confirm their living expenses in retirement
  3. Recognise tax effective strategies to invest their savings to maximise their income
  4. Recognise why superannuation is an important vehicle for their savings and how best to manage it
  5. Recognise the choices they have to provide for their retirement; for some this may include downsizing or a sea change that releases cash from their main residence that can further add to their retirement savings and be a source of income.
  6. How to minismize their tax for themselves and for their estate in the future
  7. Identify risks to ensure their happy retirement

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