Independent Women

We understand the goals and needs of independent women.

Our advice will depend on your stage in life and circumstances.

In early stages, education and career are very important to you. So is establishing yourself in the housing market. We can offer extremely competitive borrowing rates and flexible borrowing facilities when borrowing to buy a house or investment property or refinancing an existing loan.

After this, there are many opportunities to structure and save tax effectively to build your wealth. See our FAQs in relation to Superannuation and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) at

If you have children, securing the lifestyle and opportunities (eg. education ) you would like to provide to them becomes very important to you. We can help you understand how insurance (Life/TPD/Trauma/Income Protection) can be used to protect the lifestyle and opportunities (eg. Education, providing for your retirement) you would like to provide for your family and loved ones. Ideally, insurance if needed should have been taken out earlier as its cost increases as you get older unless you have locked into a LEVEL premium.

If you are separated or divorced, many of the above matters remain important to you. However, estate planning and asset protection becomes important to you to ensure your estate assets (governed by your will) and non-estate assets (eg. Super, business entities, family trusts etc) go to your intended beneficiaries.

Then in pre-retirement or retirement, you will have similar needs and goals and the strategies to achieve as discussed under these groups.

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