Asset Protection

People want to enjoy life, take calculated risks and help family members. We find people often have risks that they have either not considered or have not planned for.

A growing number of people find themselves in situations where:

  • they have borrowed too much money and are unable to make repayments, resulting in the loss of their home
  • as a consequence of bad business decisions liquidators attacks all their assets
  • assets are lost from the family due to children’s relationship breakdowns and debts

Clients make it clear to us that when faced with issues such as divorce, bankruptcy or excessive taxes; they would prefer to have assets kept within the family, at almost any cost.

Structures such as Trusts, Companies, Self Managed Superannuation Funds, legal agreements, loan agreements etc. can be used to protect the family and its assets from external parties and threats.

The best time to protect your assets is before they are attacked. Asset protection should be a key part of all financial strategies.

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