Financial Planning Meetings via Skype

Griffin Financial Advisory understands that not everyone is able to attend our LINDFIELD office for financial planning meetings so we are pleased to be able to offer a Skype video conferencing service. This service enables clients and prospective clients who find it difficult to attend our office due to travel and work commitments, to attend our office to be able to speak and interact with one of our financial planners or other team members from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

What is required for a Skype Video Conference Financial Planning Meeting?

You will require a computer with internet access, a Skype account, and at minimum a microphone (microphone and webcam are preferable).

How can I receive personalised financial planning advice if I don’t get to meet my financial planner?

Our administration team can send you all the information you require before your financial planning meeting including our Financial Services Guide and Privacy Policy. We will also send you an electronic copy of our Client Profile document which is a detailed questionnaire about your personal and financial situation. You can return this document to us electronically or by post so that your financial planner can review your personal situation before your scheduled meeting and can discuss these with you during your Skype or telephone session.

How much does a Skype or telephone financial planning meeting cost?

Griffin Financial Advisory Pty Ltd is a fee based financial planning firm which means that our clients pay us a pre-quoted set fee for the time and expertise of our financial planners. Our Skype and telephone financial planning meetings are charged at our normal fee for service price. The first meeting is free. After this initial free meeting you can choose to progress to our Review Service or directly to a full financial plan. Your financial planner will be able to give you a comprehensive quote for a full financial plan tailored to your personal situation and service requirements after your free first meeting.

How do I book a Skype Video Conference Financial Planning Meeting?

To book your Skype financial planning meeting, simply complete our online appointment request form and nominate a few dates and times. We will contact with you confirm a suitable date and time.